Long-term vision

CHAngeing will transform and interconnect two excellence hubs in widening countries, located in southern Europe (Portugal and Greece), into ageing-related R&I poles of attraction in Europe, contributing to job creation and economic growth, as well to the global European R&I agenda response to ageing-related societal challenges, Green Deal and Digital Transition. This will be accomplished on the basis of science-based interventions to promote healthy lifestyles supported by Mediterranean diet culture to prevent cerebrovascular diseases (CVD) and better manage rehabilitation of stroke patients.

Long-term objectives

European R&I network of excellence

To establish a European R&I network of excellence in the field of ageing by integrating basic scientific findings into potential clinical applications with broad relevance to human health and quality of life and sustainable development, starting from two ageing research-based Excellence Hubs in Widening countries in Southern Europe (Greece and Portugal).

Research and innovation

To develop a culture of cross-sector fertilization in research and innovation, as well as in training of students, staff and entrepreneurs in both regions and across regions.

Cross-sector fertilization

To develop strong links with participating academic/research and businesses between both hubs and implement long-term joint R&I strategies underpinned by action plans with European relevance, maximizing business opportunities and societal impact, as well as the impact of already established flagship projects.

Collaborative Activities

Reinforce excellence hubs

To implement intra and inter Excellence Hubs strategic, coordination and operational capacity, reinforcing attractiveness and socio-economic impact of ecosystems in widening regions.

Action and investment plan

To create the operational framework with a high-quality action and investment plan, ensuring project implementation efficiency and long-term sustainability by nurturing investment and access to private capital, national, regional and European funds synergistically.

Joint scientific strategy

To develop a joint scientific strategy to deliver science-based innovation supporting the implementation of R&I pilot projects in line with regional and national R&I strategies, including RIS3 on health and ageing and European priorities on Green Deal and Digital Transition.

Excellence in research and innovation

To leverage excellence in ageing-related research and innovation to transform both excellence hubs in poles of attraction of new talents and retain talents in both regions (avoiding brain drain, supporting brain gain, delivering brain circulation).

Advanced education programs

To offer excellent and innovative educational programs to train researchers (including master’s PhD’s and postdoctoral researchers), entrepreneurs and professionals, in international and cross-sector settings, providing new competencies in intensive ageing R&I domains. This will accelerate knowledge transfer and entrepreneurial skills in ageing-related areas by providing intellectual stimulating environments and entrepreneurial culture in student’s training.

Links between science and business

To create synergies and reinforce links between science and business, delivering new training opportunities, twinning projects and business development. This will facilitate market uptake of innovative technologies to support healthy living, cerebrovascular fitness and stroke rehabilitation practices, contributing to leverage new business opportunities for companies (specially SMEs) and job creation.

Pilot for healthy lifestyle assessment

To co-create a toolkit and a pilot, to be implemented in Center Region of Portugal and Crete, designed to assess lifestyles and provide health literacy, empowering the citizens to adopt healthy habits based on the Mediterranean diet culture, in order to prevent CVD.

Demonstrator for post-stroke rehabilitation

To build a coherent pipeline of stakeholders and innovative technology-assisted good practices in a demonstrator for efficient interventions to support post-stroke rehabilitation of cognitive and motor coordination capacities.

Societal Impact

To maximize outreach of CHAngeing excellence hubs focusing on new talents, citizens engagement, funding agencies and business, policymakers and other relevant stakeholders.